Some of our Projects

Sondhii engineers have completed many projects for customers in Europe, the USA and elsewhere, the following give examples of the work we are able to undertake.


Tight turn conveyor belt

Our design team have developed a number of  conveyor belts for specific applications, the belt shown below was designed for a chicken cooking application to replace rotiserie machines in high-volume retail outlets, it is 300mm wide with a 150mm inside radius.

This belt design enables us to produce a machine with a footprint of just 2 square metres capable of cooking up to 75 birds per hour.

Chilling and freezing

Our engineers have wide experience of chilling and freezing equipment often designing a matched cook-chill combination line simultaneously.

Projects have included large scale water cookers and chillers, in addition to conveyor based mechanical (refrigeration) and liquid nitrogen systems.


Flame grilling

We have extensive experience in the design of gas-fired equipment which has been installed around the world.

Our engineers have designed flame Grill machines with conveyors up to 1500mm wide with 24 linear impingement burners for applications from searing meat to roasting peppers or peeling onions.

In addition to flame impingement our engineers also have experience with gas infra-red equipment and have previously designed an all-metal gas-IR burner to enable full washdown in factories supplying the biggest retail burner chain in the USA.

Food safety

Much of our experience is with equipment for food manufacturing, so we're completely familiar with the hygiene requirements of food production machinery.

In addition we have designed a variety of equipment intended to further enhance food safety, including gas / electric (IR) pasteurization tunnels and continuous hot-water pasteurization equipment.


Flame tunnel

Our engineers have previously designed a range of gas-fired flame tunnels for a US based machinery manufacturer. The equipment is used to flame-sear, brown and pasteurize the surface of meat products prior to packaging to improve appearance and shelf life.

We worked within the confines of the existing production capability of the client and developed an innovative ignition and flame safety mechanism to enhance reliability while simultaneously reducing cost and control system complexity.

Project Management

We realise our contribution is often just a small part of a much larger overall investment so we carefully manage our projects to ensure we communicate effectively and deliver in line with our customers expectations.


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